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“This is the ultimate book on tomatoes, brimming with information based on experience. It covers everything anyone ever needs to know about selecting, growing and using the best and tastiest tomatoes in all districts and climates.” 

Peter Cundall 2018 

ABC Gardening Australia



I was expecting to just dip into this, but have now read the first section by Karen Sutherland word for word. I particularly enjoyed the snippets about different gardeners and food producers around Australia.

Legendary gardener Peter Cundall is correct - this is the ultimate book on tomatoes. It is beautifully laid out and edited, and contains information on an array of gardening styles including vegan gardening and gardening by the moon. There is also a profile of the bush tomato, which is native to some of the arid areas of Australia and is a distant relative of the true tomato.

The second section by Penny Woodward describes over 200 different heirloom tomato varieties (originally called "love apples"), and the final section by Janice Sutton contains recipes and instructions on preserving tomatoes.

Penny Woodward presented "The Joys of Herb Gardening" at the Yinnar Community Garden (of which I am Secretary) in 2013, and Karen Sutherland gave advice on the original YCG Vision Plan. It is lovely to encounter them again in this impressive "tomato encyclopaedia".

Rosemary, Good Reads



My first tomato perfect book, in fact amazing!

Painter, 2021 Amazon



Excellent book that covers all the important topics and more about tomatoes.

John Richards, December 2018: Amazon



A great resource for Australian gardeners and cooks.

Inez, Good Reads

Great read for the home gardener


Great reference book for the home tomato grower, as good a book as I have seen on the subject.

Colly, Gippsland: Booktopia 2018

Fabulous book


I am extremely happy with the book it is informative and a great purchase.

Wend, Cooloola Cove: Booktopia 2019

Tomato Bible


Great book to refer to when growing your tomatoes, especially during the bad seasons.

Occasional Gardener, Melbourne: Booktopia 2019

Beautiful Book


Would recommend this book to anyone interested in tomatoes. Great reference and provides information on where to find those heirloom seeds.

Tomato Lover, Townsville, Queensland: Booktopia 2018



A wonderful Australian book on tomatoes complimented by excellent photographs and illustrations. Three hundred and sixty pages of indulgence. Impressed enough to buy two extra copies for special friends.

Michael, Melbourne: Booktopia 2018

This is a very readable book


This book is very well mixed with great information about tomato care and growing and recipes as well as family stories. I would highly recommend it to all readers.

Jack, Yarrawonga: Booktopia 2018

Tomato book a good buy


Refer to this book every day during tomato growing season . Good recipes as well. 

Polly, South Australia Mallee: Booktopia 2018


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