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My name is Janice Sutton and I am a writer who loves to cook!


I am also an internationally award-winning publisher and author who is incredibly blessed to live in one of the most remote, breathtakingly beautiful corners of this earth - the island of Tasmania, Australia! 

I began my career as a BBC National Radio Researcher and Producer in London before going freelance, eventually moving to Fremantle in Western Australia, where I started writing for magazines and exploring a budding passion for design. 


I created this website for fellow foodies, gastronomic travellers and enthusiastic home cooks, and all those who love beautiful food books.

I also created this website to share artful food images and delicious recipes, including a scattering of recipes from some of Tasmania - and Australia's - most celebrated chefs and talented gourmet food producers who generously shared recipes for my books: Garlic Feast: delicious garlic-inspired recipes for the quintessential garlic lover; Tomato: know, sow, grow, feast + Winter Wild: a feast of dark delights.

Hailing from the UK originally, I have also shared a sprinkling of recipes from some of my favourite British cooks and chefs who have inspired me over the years.

My first cookbook project was a collaboration with award-winning Tasmanian chef and cookbook author, Eloise Emmet: "The Real Food for Kids Cookbook".



Food, Glorious Food!

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating and sharing delicious, home-cooked dishes with family and friends.


One of my greatest pleasures is also eating out, whether a casual picnic on the beach with friends; sharing piping hot freshly cooked fish and chips with my husband overlooking Hobart's picturesque harbour; firing up the 'barbie' on a cold winter's night, or discovering new and exciting eateries and bars off and on the beaten track.

Stories + Community

The inspiration for my books springs from the grassroots of the incredible community in which I live here on the ruggedly beautiful island of Tasmania.

Slow Food

Nothing beats food that has been sown, grown, prepared, cooked and shared with love. Food that is locally and sustainably sourced, and that celebrates each season in all its scrumptious glory!


Tasmania - a 'Foodie's Paradise'!

Due to its cool temperate climate and pristine clean air and water, Tasmania grows and produces some of the freshest, healthiest and tastiest food on earth.


Tasmania also punches big for its diminutive demographic, with a wealth of 'foodie events', award-winning restaurants, top class chefs, cooks and gourmet food producers, offering world class paddock to plate dining and food experiences.


Hop on over!

Food dreams can come true in Tasmania!

Gourmet Traveller

Hailing from Scotland in the Northern Hemisphere originally, and later growing up in England's picturesque West Country, I enjoyed numerous trips over the years to Europe and other far flung destinations. This instilled in me a love of travelling, and an appreciation for food inspired by many different cultures around the world. 


I do not take for-granted how blessed I am to live with my beautiful husband Paul in such a glorious part of the world with the freedom to indulge my creative passions and manifest my dreams.

Thank you so much for dropping in!

Janice x

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